North West Herefordshire darts League

  Welcome to the North West Herefordshire Darts League website.     



1.Players wishing to enter a team must register with the Committee. The entry fee of £25 is to be forwarded to the secretary.

2. Players must have either played or been present at two league games to be eligible to play in the competitions.

3. Any teams playing an ineligible player shall forfeit 2 points.

4. All matches to commence by 8:45pm and each team must have 5 players in attendance at 8:45pm or they forfeit the points.

5. Matches may only be postponed under exceptional circumstances. In the event of a postponement the captain must notify their opposing team no later than 6:00pm on the night of the match.

6. If a team turns up a player short, the five players shall go in to a hat and a player drawn out to play in the pairs only and the singles game is conceded to the opposition, the draw will be done by the opposing captain. This may be done only three times during the season.

7. At the end of the season, the team with the geatest number of points shall be deemed the winners, second highest runners-up of the league, it two or more are level on points, the teams will play off, if it remains a draw 1001 is to be played.

8. Games shall be played - 6 singles (Best of three) - 6 pairs (Total of 6 legs) - 501 straight off, double to finish. Nearest the "bull" to decide who starts each game. Players will be drawn from a hat to decide the order of play in all games.

9. After the first 6 games, extra players may be used. They must be present when the first game is played.

10. All matches shall be played on a standard dart board, in good condition, hung five foot eight inches from the centre of the bull to the floor and the minimum throw is to be seven foot nine and a quarter inches. The toe line to be made distinct. Captains shall inspect the board etc. and satisfy themselves that the Rules are being complied with.

11. The home team to provide a marker, the away team a checker.

12. The method of scoring will be by subtraction.

13. The bull is always a double finishing.

14. Both captains are to sign any scores of 180.

15. Any player in attendance but not actually playing may be signed on the reverse of the score card with the opposing captain also signing in agreement.

16. The home captain is responsible for submitting the result on the website (eardisley.com) within two days and ensuring that the result card is forwarded to the secretary by the Friday after the match.

17. The captain is responsible for the conduct of their team.

18. In extreme circumstances there is a possibility of a transfer, this will be decided by the Committee and can only happen in the first half of the season. If a transfer does take place a charge of £5.00 would have to be paid by the player to the league before they can play.

19. Anything which may arise not covered by these rules shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision in this and other matters shall be final and binding.



1. All players must play under the league rules, must be registered with the league secretary and must have played 2 LEAGUE MATCHES (or have been present) before the first round.

2. Each team shall consist of 6 singles (501), 3 pairs (501) and 2 threes (601). Players will be drawn out of a hat to decide the order of play in all games. No drawing out of the hat for incomplete teams. Each team must have 6 players or forfeit the match.

3. All games to commence by 8:45pm.

4. The home team to provide a marker, away team a checker.

5. Results to be submitted on to the website (eardisley.com) and result cards to be forwarded to the secretary by the following Friday.

6. No player can play for more than one team.

7. Any protests or disputes must be in writing, from the captain only and received by the secretary within 48 hours.

8. In the event of a dispute on any of these points, the committee whose decision is final, shall deal with it.

For those that have been living under a rock.. In the basic game of darts players take it in turns throwing 3 flighted darts at the board. The total score is deducted from an agreed starting score. The winner is the one who reaches a score of exactly zero, with their final dart landing in the ‘double ring’ or the ‘bullseye’.